“Long Life”
#56 Hand Carved & Painted Gourd
Height 13″

 “Three Koi”
#54 Hand Carved & Painted Gourd
Height 16″

 “Bronze Turquoise Inlay”
#57 Hand Carved & Painted Gourd
Height 14″

“Bronze Carve Fossil”
#59 Hand Carved & Painted Gourd
Height 16″

Claudia Pflueger


     Claudia Pflueger is an accomplished Fine Artist, schooled at the American Academy of Art in Chicago in graphic, and fine art. She presently resides in upstate New York, where she has her home studio and gallery.

     “Having come from the midwest, where I primarily worked in the commercial art industry, I hadn’t ever experienced the beautiful colors of Fall, found in the Hudson Valley.” She found herself inspired by her surroundings to once again focus her talents on the Fine Arts. “My introduction to gourds as an art form was merely by chance; but having said that, I found them to be the perfect canvas, each unique, with their flowing lines, and subtle curves; clearly, Natures’ perfect sculpture.”

     Each of Claudia’s gourds are individually handcrafted by the artist, using a combination of colored dyes and gilding pastes; most of the images are created using pyrography (wood burning technique); while others are ornately carved; or embellished with hand crafted pine needle coiling. Finally, each are finished, by adorning them in materials such as turquoise, carved jade, or other semiprecious stones. Each piece is truly a work art, and no two pieces are exactly alike.

Robert Paul Galleries is pleased to be chosen to show the works of American artist Claudia Pflueger.