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“Great Blue Heron”
Height 29″

“Blue Jay”
Height 10 1/2″

“Rose Breasted Grosbeak”
Height 9 1/4″

“Belted Kingfisher”
Height 15 1/2″

Height 15″

“Pileated Woodpecker”
Height 31″

“Cedar Waxwing”
Height 18 1/4″

“Kestral Pair”
Height 23 1/4″

“Wren Pair”
Height 19″

“Ruby Throated Hummingbird”
Height 14″

Height 8″


Jim Durow

     Master woodcarving artist, Jim Durow has an incredible talent for creating wood-carved birds.  Jim started carving birds in 1974 with the help of his father.  “We did about 25 different birds together…it was then that I became fascinated with the beauty and nature of birds.”  He continued to develop his skills and Jim has become known for his original designs of hand carved birds.  Over the past 44 years Jim has carved over 6,000 birds, and his work can be found in galleries and private collections throughout the United States and in 14 countries worldwide.  Jim has won numerous competitions and awards including the GM (General Motors) Award of Excellence.  His unique ability to carve has created a great demand for his work.

Robert Paul Galleries is proud to show the works of American artist Jim Durow.