Tina Palmer

     Like many artists, Tina Palmer had a natural interest in painting from her early childhood, and was additionally inspired by watching her father draw and paint. Her art teachers were a strong influence throughout high school, calling on her for creative undertakings like composing the bulletin boards for Holidays.

     Tina attended college studying graphic design in the era before computer aided design was mainstream and most designs were hand rendered.

     After marrying and starting a family, she chose to stay home, raising her small children before she went back to work in the graphic design field. In her spare time, Tina began painting again and her art sales took off instantly. Her art career was launched! Tina paints primarily moody landscapes of trees and richly-colored abstracts, but continues experimenting with new subjects and styles including her latest works revolving around moody scenes of people with umbrellas going about their daily lives, a series of boats and beaches and abstract hearts. The hearts have led to a strong relationship with the American Heart Association benefit events, sharing proceeds with the charity.

    “I will never run out of subjects to paint and I want to try to paint as much as I can as long as I live. I really enjoy the steady pace and deciding what to paint on any given day. I’m lucky and blessed to get to do what I love and have always loved and making a great living at it is a bonus. My plan is to keep painting and keep learning.”

Robert Paul Galleries is proud to show the works of American artist Tina Palmer.